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AL Floor Plans

Providing comfort, convenience, quality care and safety

NHC Place, Farragut's Assisted Living offers six different levels of care, with increasing degrees of service and amenities designed to provide comfort, convenience, quality care and safety to meet the needs of our residents. All apartments are private and they include kitchenettes, private baths, Lifeline Alert Systems and individually controlled central heating and cooling.

After initial Level of Care Assessments, reviews are made at 14 days, every three months and as needed if specific changes occur.

Personal laundry, beauty shop and cable services may be obtained at an additional cost. Residents may arrange for a personal sitter at their own expense. In doing so, however, it is understood that the daily rate will not reduce.

At NHC Place, Farragut, we have 6 beautiful apartment styles. To receive pricing information, please contact our Marketing Director at (865) 777-9000.

Floor Plans

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